Big O Development

Big O Developments was founded 5 years ago by a team of professionals within the construction industry to address the challenges endured by their clients in the sector. This department is a professional service provider to the built-environment sector with the relevant experience and skills to encompass construction project requirements from inception to occupation. With a vast resource pool, the firm can cut timelines , increase quality , create efficiencies , reduce the overall cost of the project and supply clients with a one – stop shop. Big O Developments also undertakes construction management projects . The team provides planning, design and construction oversight from beginning to end with a continues view to drive time, cost and quality. The team works closely with architects and engineers to ensure every aspect of the clients project is detailed as planned.
2018 Projects
ClientSGV Attorneys
ReferenceMr C . Govender
082 997 8275
Project ValueR900 000
ScopeDesign and construct office interior space
ClientAfrican Tree Construction
ReferenceMr A. Karim
081 554 6297
Project ValueR1 300 000
ScopeConstruction of residential dwelling with medium to high end finishing
ClientFesto SA
ReferenceMr H .Van Niekerk
011 971 5531
Project ValueR500 000
ScopeElectrical upgrades and interior renovations
ClientAVG Architects
ReferenceMr A. Sattar
Project ValueR4 800 000
ScopeConstruction of residential dwelling with high end furnishing