• Reduce Costs By not having to deal with as many overheads associated with employing IT staff
  • Greater Focus on Core Business By having Big O Telecomms take care of your helpdesk needs, you are freed up to focus on other parts of your business.
  • Access to Industry Expertise We specialise in what we do, so you can draw on our expertise.

We also offer a range of bespoke options, for example if you need one-off support, extended hours support, limited number of hours, pre-paid blocks of hours, tailor-made SLAs or are a non-profit organisation, please do contact us if you don’t find everything you need here.


All of our IT Support Contracts include a free on-site infrastructure audit, carried out by one of our fully qualified technicians. This is carried out before the contract begins, at the quotation stage.

This is what we document during the audit:

  • Network Infrastructure,including all equipment such as switches, firewalls and routers.
  • Server Equipment,including model and serial numbers to allow us to monitor your warranty status and ensure that your software is kept up-to-date and facilitate quick response in the unlikely event of any failure.
  • Document any relevant details or contact information for third party vendorsrelating to any specific business applications or databases you may be using.
  • Thoroughly check your current Anti-Virus / Spyware solutions are configured correctly, up-to-date and working efficiently and as expected.
  • Assess your Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans.
  • Provide a network diagram and details of any recommendations for your specific environment.

This audit we carry out allows us to gain detailed understanding of your IT infrastructure and your business workflows, forming a good foundation to provide you with an excellent level of proactive IT support.

Why Choose us
    • Flexible Arrangements to suit your business needs, no matter how big or small – from the occasional helping hand to a fully managed helpdesk with pro-active network management and round-the-clock system monitoring
    • Peace of mind that expert assistance is just a phone call or email away
    • Business Continuity thorough disaster recovery and backup strategies to protect your critical data and systems
    • Reduce Downtime due to our quick response and repair times
    • Budget Easily as we have both Flexible Hourly Rates and Unlimited IT Supportfixed-price contracts available

Our diverse client base includes everything from many start-ups and charities to dozens of established small-to-medium size commercial organisations across various market sectors, along with some larger corporate clients

Our expertise and experience in different industries such as Hospitality, Retail, Finance, Construction, Legal & HR ensures that we are well placed to appreciate the unique challenges and advise you on the best practices for your specific sector.
At the same time, we understand that each business is different and work with you to gain an understanding of your specific business IT support requirements and priorities which enables us to deliver a truly bespoke IT and Network support service.